Crew Selection

If you have any questions regarding anything related to this team, please contact Gregg Hartsuff, .


All athletes competing in the Games need to meet the following criteria:

1. Be a United States citizen and be able to obtain a U.S. passport.

2. Be born between 01 Jan 1987 and 31 Dec 1997

3. Have taken at least one 3-credit course towards a degree or diploma within the last year before the Universiade. Incoming freshmen and transfers are usually eligible. The standard is that the athlete must be “progressing towards a degree”.

4. Sign the “Comprehensive Acceptance of Team USA Agreements” form.

5. Sign the “Team USA Honor Code and Code of Conduct” form.

6. Sign the “Team USA Authorizations, Waiver and Release Form”.

Also be aware that random drug testing may be done on the athletes. All athletes that win a medal will be tested. The tests are done by WADA and positive results can affect NCAA, NAIA, or NJCAA eligibility.

GRADUATE STUDENTS ARE ELIGIBLE: There will be many graduate students at the Universiade from other countries. I encourage any graduate students who meet the above eligibility and can arrange their calendar to meet ours to apply.


There are 25 athlete seats available on the men’s team in these events:

Heavyweight Men Sweep (15 seats; 14 oarsmen, 1 coxswain): 8+, 4-, 2-

Heavyweight Men Sculling (3): 2x, 1x

Lightweight Men Sweep (4): 4-

Lightweight Men Sculling (3): 2x, 1x


By contract I need to fill at least one event, but I can fill all of them should I choose to. I do not view this as a "development" squad, though I am sure there will be development that happens as part of it. I want to win medals with this group. Because we will be paying our own way - I estimate the cost per person will be $4-5000 - we will each be investing a lot. I want guys in this group who want to win badly. Athletes need to be scrappy, tough, move well, smart, open-minded, adaptable, and have capacity. My selection to this team is different than the traditional camps run by USRowing. I want the bulk of the team in place by the end of January 2015 and a final roster in place by March 1st. I will issue invitations to eligible athletes who meet the eligibility criteria as soon as I have a sense about the athlete. This will allow for athletes to plan and raise money for this commitment. This way people can plan to go - there is no camp selection schedule where you show up and make the squad through seat racing at somewhat the last minute and then scramble to find the funds to go. You can count on representing the U.S. in international competition upon receipt of a deposit by February 1st. Our main concentration when we convene in late May (Wednesday the 27th) will be sorting out who is in what lineup for the heavyweight sweep team.


I plan to fill as many events as we can be competitive in. If you are selected to the team YOU WILL BE GOING. It can be planned for. Some of the lineups will be sorted out when the training camp begins in Michigan May 27th.

Lightweight Scullers : there are three seats. I will select experienced scullers only, who can produce 2K ergometer scores of a competitive standard. I will definitely want to see video footage of applicants. I will take either a single, or two lightweight scullers who row a double regularly are welcome to apply. Be aware that if there does end of being a Lightweight 4 that one of the scullers will serve as the lightweight sweep spare.

Lightweight Four : I am mainly open to taking a four from a single institution, including their coach as an assistant. If there are four applicants from different institutions with two starboards and two ports I would consider forming this crew. I will not accept more than four applicants from separate institutions and hold selection for it.

Heavyweight Scullers : identical selection plan to the lightweight scullers, including a heavyweight sculler planning to be the spare.

Heavyweight Sweep Team : With 14 seats and a coxswain I will use a selection method of time trials, matrix, direct switching, seat racing, and athlete interviews to form the lineups. At this point I have no priority, and will look at what events we are most competitive in before a priority is set.

Training Camp Location, May 27-June 28, 2015

Athlete Application Form