- June 4, 2015

Ann Arbor, MI – Selection for the Men’s Rowing Team representing the United States in South Korea in early July at the World University Games is complete.

Brown, Alex               6’7”     200      University of Michigan                      Junior
Gentry, Austin           6'3"      205       Grand Valley State University           Junior
Herbers, Matt            6'3"      205       University of Michigan                      Senior
Luetzow, Ian             6'6"      205       Drexel University                              Senior
Maytom, Tim             6'1"      185       UCLA                                                Senior
McHugh, Peter           6'4"      210       Purdue University                            Junior
Morton, Jacob            6’6”    205       University of Washington                  Junior
O’Connor, Kevin         6’6”    205       University of Washington                  Junior
Price, Baruch             6'8"      205       Oklahoma City University                 Sophomore
Searcy, Ryan              6'9"      220       North Carolina                                 Senior
Smith, Carl                 6'6"     215       Western Washington                        Senior
Tyson, Mitchell           6'0"     190       University of Michigan                     Junior
Vear, Wes                   6'2"     208       University of Michigan                     Senior
Watts, TJ                   6’0”    190       College of the Holy Cross                 Senior

Habibovic, Hadzo       5'9"     121      Oklahoma City University                  Senior

Cady-McCrea, Clarke  6’3”     190      Colgate University                            Sophomore
Zachary, Petronic       6'3"      180      University of Pittsburgh                    Senior
George, Stephen        6’5”     205      Oklahoma City University                  Senior

Michelson, Trevor       6'0"      160     Wesleyan University                          Graduate

The team is led by Head Coach Gregg Hartsuff, who is assisted by Russell Giacobbe and Charley Sullivan, all of the University of Michigan, and is sponsored by JL Racing, PEPSICO, WinTech Racing, Concept2, row2k, H2row, The Lake Shore Apartments, and has received support from USRowing, Polar, Gatorade, and Rudy Project.  Additional team support would be welcome; instructions can be found at http://www.universiade2015usamensrowing.com .  You can also follow the team’s training and competition on their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/universiade2015usamensrowing .